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Our tree surgery services are carried out by highly experienced arborists and tree surgeons, who take a flexible approach to each project undertaken. Here at the Swift Cuts, we understand that no job is the same. That is why we tailor our tree surgery services to each individual client, ensuring that we meet the specific needs and requirements of your site. This exact approach is what makes us different from other tree surgery companies.

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Tree Pruning

Pruning a tree is removing specific branches or stems to benefit the whole tree. Why prune a tree? Health. Remove dead, damaged and diseased branches to help prevent insect & decay organisms from entering the tree.

Hedge trimming

Maintenance hedge trimming and formative hedge pruning are important for several reasons. These techniques can help you stimulate fruit and flower growth, get rid of diseased or dead branches as well as help prevent overgrowth, which can hinder the growth of your other plants.

Crown shaping

This involves reducing the whole crown of the tree usually no more than 30% is recommended to be removed to avoid stress to the tree. The main reason for a reduction is to allow more light into the surrounding area. It also reduces the sail effect on the crown therefore reducing wind loading upon the trees structure helping reduce the risk of failure and maintaining the amenity value of the tree in its location.

What we do

Tree pruning

We can reduce the size of a tree, so your garden can get a bit more sunlight. Also, annual pruning is important for the health of your trees because it makes their stumps and branches stronger and promotes new growth.

Crown shaping

If you happen to own a tree with overgrown, interlaced branches, the professional tree surgeon can give it a more uniformed shape.

Tree removal

The professionals will cut down the tree, starting from the top, reducing its size until they are able to cut the actual trunk. After that, the arborists can grind or level down the leftover stump.

Tree felling

This service is similar to tree removal. The procedure is tailored for sick, dead or dangerous trees, which might cause damages.

Emergency tree work and deadwood removal

We can take care of fallen down, broken branches or whole trees after heavy storms and strong wind without keeping you waiting.

Stump grinding

Left-over stumps from cut trees take place. With this service, you can get them levelled with the ground and removed. • Ivy removal - if the ivy in your green space has gotten out of control and is higher than 5 metres, our local tree services in London can take care of it.

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